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6th World Water forum

Aqua Salveo™ Water Disinfectant – News and Updates

World Water Forum 2012

Aqua Salveo attended the 6th World Water Forum in Marsielle where is was recognized as a chlorine free solution for treating water.

Nedbank Exporter of the year awards ceremony 2009

Aqua Salveo was nominated as a finalist in the JCCI/Nedbank 2009 Exporter of the Year Awards in the category for Emerging Exporter. This prestigious event was held in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Annalise Grobler (CEO of Aqua Salveo) is a member of the JHB Chamber of Commerce and is also a Council Member for Small Medium Enterprises (SME).

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Food industry

We continue to receive positive feedback from our clients in different industries and include reference to findings of a client in the food industry below. The client purchased Aqua Salveo™ water disinfectant to keep water in vegetable rinsing baths disinfected prior to packaging with the goal of increasing the shelf life of its fresh and frozen vegetable products by at least one day. After using Aqua Salveo's water disinfectant the shelf life increased by five days.

Feedback from another food packaging company indicated that Aqua Salveo™ increased the shelf life of their products by seven days.

Also see the Journal of Food Protection: Vol. 63, No. 4, pp. 434–440 for a publication on "Penetration of Escherichia coli O157:H7 into Lettuce Tissues as Affected by Inoculum Size and Temperature and the Effect of Chlorine Treatment on Cell Viability"

Ghana Food and Drug board Registration
Through the continuous effort of Mr Rufus Katumba, a customer of Aqua Salveo who sells our products in Ghana, Aqua Salveo™ Water Disinfectant was registered with the Ghana Food and Drug board (Certificate number: HC0078) November 16, 2006.

Guinea Worm Disease

In addition, Mr Katumba is following the results of patients infected with Guinea Worm Disease (GWD), who have been given water treated with Aqua Salveo Water Disinfectant by local doctors. Feedback from Mr Katumba during December 2006 indicated that doctors are very pleased with the results of Aqua Salveo™ Water Disinfectant, which causes worms to come out of the treated victim’s body within days. Although no formal tests have been performed by Aqua Salveo, Mr Katumba reported that local test results indicated that that Aqua Salveo™ Water Disinfectant, at the dosage of 3 drops per liter, kills the Guinea worm larvae in water within 60 minutes.

Mr Katumba is negotiating with some charity organizations to perform formal clinical trials on infected patients.

Watch this space for future updates

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Annalise Grobler