Disinfect water for campfire tea

Water disinfectant - product suitable for use in a food processing plant

Quality Matters

Aqua Salveo:

Carries the SABS 1827 mark for use in the food industry.


Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 production facility


Tested by SANAS accredited Laboratories


Complies with European Union Safety Legislation (CE CODE 2756)


An International Trade Centre Vendor (ID: 36705 - Level 1)

I used the drops very successfully on wilderness weekend trips last year, treating water in a stream that is higher in E. coli than safe for drinking. Thank you again.


- Hilton College Natal



We have been using this product in our drinking water in our home for three months. My wife drinks at least 8 glasses of water daily and has for many years suffered from what was suspected as "irritable bowel syndrome". This "syndrome" cleared after about 10 days of this water treatment, completely.


Treating the tanks with Aqua Salveo will kill EVERYTHING growing in the tank


I am absolutely "sold" on the process and the product


- Web review

I did a 14000 km, 3 month trip though africa (Jhb to Nairobi and back) camping with my wife and two young kids (aged 2.5 and 4.5 years old) and only used your product to treat my water for the whole trip.  No boiling water, no filters, nothing else. And didn't get sick once.


I'm climbing Kilimanjaro with my wife in December and plan on only using your products for our 9 day trip!


- Carlo

Aqua Salveo is making an impact globally and will continue to spread Worldwide Water Wellness


People living without access to clean water.


People living without access to improved sanitation


People killed each year by lack of sanitation and clean water.

Annalise Grobler CEO - Aqua Salveo


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