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50ml - Personal use
5l - industrial use

About aqua salveo hand sanitizer alcohol free

HUMAN GLOVE Hand Sanitizer is a revolutionary alcohol-free protective gel that forms an anti-bacterial glove on the hands in under a minute and remains active for 4 -7 hours.

The HUMAN GLOVE is a tried and tested product that has been selling successfully for 11 years. It also protects against the Corona Virus, including Covid 19, along with 150 other bacteria, virus, fungi and spores threads.

The HUMAN GLOVE is a transparent gel, which comes in a 50ml bottle - effectively one month's supply. It contains no alcohol or ethanol, chlorine, or other skin-damaging chemicals.

It is SABS approved, and have several other international standards accreditations (eg. CE, RVE, etc). It is used by the UN, World Vision, and other global entities. Manufactured In ISO 9000 accredited facility.

It is completely non-toxic to humans and animals, and biodegradable.

It allows the skin to breathe and perspire naturally (unlike latex gloves) and is not sticky or oily to the touch.


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efficacy list 72 Germs - Original list available on request, Spectrum of Organisms with time and concentration required to achieve a reduction in load

efficacy list VIRUS LIST (Includes Coronavirus (>91 types))

efficacy list bacteria LIST

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Special precautions

  • Stop use and consult with a doctor if a skin rash or eczema occurs

Quality matters Aqua Salveo

  • Carries the SABS 1827 mark for use in the food industry
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 production facility
  • Tested by SANAS accredited Laboratories
  • Complies with European Union Safety Legislation (CE CODE 2756)
  • An International Trade Centre Vendor (ID: 36705 - Level 1)